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"I’m always amazed at friends who say they try to read at night in bed but always end up falling asleep. I have the opposite problem. If a book is good I can’t go to sleep, and stay up way past my bedtime, hooked on the writing. Is anything better than waking up after a late-night read and diving right back into the plot before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth?" -John Walters 

LOVE reading. Although, I didn't actually start readingreading until July of 2012 when I got my Nook, the love of my life.

Abbreviations I use in my reviews:

WTS (Wrist Twitch Syndrome) - The compulsory jerking of the wrist in an effort to pitch the nook away from the body to reduce mental anguish and self inflicted bodily harm. 

ERS (Eye Roll Syndrome)The act of rolling one’s eyes multiple times in a matter of mere minutes.

The severity of this syndrome tend to vary from benign eye rolls every now and then, depending on the situation and protagonist, to intense eye rolls, of which, cause the body to seize up for minutes at a time.

**Both symptoms tend to manifest as a result of naive, stupid, clueless, lovesick, rose-glasses wearing puddle-depth fucktard protagonists or an ag-on-izing storyline.

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The Fallen and Leviathan (The Fallen, #1-2)

The Fallen and Leviathan (The Fallen, #1-2) - Thomas E. Sniegoski 2.5 stars because the parts of the book that didn't require him to act or think were good.

Just finished book 1:1 and I'm not too jazzed to continue reading 1:2, but the ending was promising and that little candle of hope kindled.

The one thing I despise most, is when there is a leading character and they are vehemently against accepting their fate, even when they have proof that it is in fact their fate, they still choose not to acknowledge what it is they have to do or become. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!

Aaron Corbet is no different, he irritated me to no end with his waffling back in forth with curiosity and then aversion to learning more about the Nephilim. Then acting as if everything he experienced was such a huge surprise! I mean COME ON, GET. WITH. IT! I usually like reading from the POV of a male character so I don't have to deal with the ambivalent mind of a 15, 16 or 17 year old female who is too weak to act when everything goes to shit, no such luck here. Even when his parents were burned right in front of him, he didn't get mad, he restrained that power within him...even when they snatched up his poor autistic brother, he restrained that mighty force that would have probably saved them all..

In life, there comes a time when you've been pushed too far and you're on the edge and then you snap. For Aaron Corbet it was when the old, indigent fallen Angel that he knew for all of maybe three days was S-M-I-T-T-E-N mid-battle protecting his sorry ass, that he then chose to act. Ahh yes, you would have that it might have been the family that saved him from the system or raised him like their own, or hearing their painful screams as they were set aflame, nope, it wasn't crawling next to their flaming and burning bodies and having the ability to look into their skulls that did it for him...it was the dumpster diving Grigori that ruffled his feathers and pissed him the hell off. Really? Oh, you mad now huh?

Book 1:2: One word: Yawn.

It was difficult for me to continue reading this book as every crescendo consistently came to a screeching halt by Aaron's ineptitude. I stopped even attempting to get excited when he would be faced with any sort of adrenaline inducing situation because I could always count on him to choke which resulted in wrist spasms as I resisted the urge to chuck my nook.

I'm tapping out! I'm done.