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"I’m always amazed at friends who say they try to read at night in bed but always end up falling asleep. I have the opposite problem. If a book is good I can’t go to sleep, and stay up way past my bedtime, hooked on the writing. Is anything better than waking up after a late-night read and diving right back into the plot before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth?" -John Walters 

LOVE reading. Although, I didn't actually start readingreading until July of 2012 when I got my Nook, the love of my life.

Abbreviations I use in my reviews:

WTS (Wrist Twitch Syndrome) - The compulsory jerking of the wrist in an effort to pitch the nook away from the body to reduce mental anguish and self inflicted bodily harm. 

ERS (Eye Roll Syndrome)The act of rolling one’s eyes multiple times in a matter of mere minutes.

The severity of this syndrome tend to vary from benign eye rolls every now and then, depending on the situation and protagonist, to intense eye rolls, of which, cause the body to seize up for minutes at a time.

**Both symptoms tend to manifest as a result of naive, stupid, clueless, lovesick, rose-glasses wearing puddle-depth fucktard protagonists or an ag-on-izing storyline.

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Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
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Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles Awwwww shut up! Just shut the hell up! I effing love this book! All those warm and fuzzies just swirling around! I can't even think straight with this goofy ass grin plastered to my face.

Elkeles creates these great characters and this great plot and is able to fill it all in with creativity and substance but one thing she does know is comedy, this installment was so damn funny, I was cracking up through most of it.

Maggie and Caleb are so cute, I mean even through everything I just loved them both. Even when he was acting like a major dick, I loved him. I also loved that Maggie, even though she really failed at trying to pretend otherwise, she wouldn't give up on him or them. I liked how she kept pushing until he had no other choice but to face facts and he reciprocated with his sister.

I love how each character waited for the other to make the right decision, yeah pressure was applied but space was also given for them to realize that they as individuals needed to come to terms with reality. I got frustrated at certain times because I just wanted shit to stop rolling down hill, I wanted things to start improving and relationships to start mending. I was getting impatient because I felt so sorry for Caleb and everything he had to go through everyday, the emotional and mental anguish of his decisions but slow and steady wins the race and I'm happy that Elkeles took the time to get there.

And it was a great ending to a cute love story...le sigh.