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"I’m always amazed at friends who say they try to read at night in bed but always end up falling asleep. I have the opposite problem. If a book is good I can’t go to sleep, and stay up way past my bedtime, hooked on the writing. Is anything better than waking up after a late-night read and diving right back into the plot before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth?" -John Walters 

LOVE reading. Although, I didn't actually start readingreading until July of 2012 when I got my Nook, the love of my life.

Abbreviations I use in my reviews:

WTS (Wrist Twitch Syndrome) - The compulsory jerking of the wrist in an effort to pitch the nook away from the body to reduce mental anguish and self inflicted bodily harm. 

ERS (Eye Roll Syndrome)The act of rolling one’s eyes multiple times in a matter of mere minutes.

The severity of this syndrome tend to vary from benign eye rolls every now and then, depending on the situation and protagonist, to intense eye rolls, of which, cause the body to seize up for minutes at a time.

**Both symptoms tend to manifest as a result of naive, stupid, clueless, lovesick, rose-glasses wearing puddle-depth fucktard protagonists or an ag-on-izing storyline.

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Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Rachel Cohn, David Levithan "I decided if were ever to get into booze and women, my line would be Excuse me, madame, but I would really love to bed and muss you...Are you perchance free this evening?"

I just love all the warm and fuzzies that I feel after reading what I have now designated "feel good books" (along with the rest of America, yes I understand it is not an original thought), nonetheless...ahhhhh, I feel sooooo good. I usually take a minute or two after I've read that last page and let it all that damn cuteness soak in before I move to the next read.

There are so many quotes from this book that I absolutely love, that my review could just be full of cute and witty quotes as well as those that are more profound from our charming and delightful little protagonists. Dash and Lily are really quite intellectual for being 16 year olds, actually their whole circle were really intellectual. I dont remember having the types of conversations they had at that age or even pondering the meaning of hope. Could it have been a little outside of their maturity? Maybe. but I really enjoyed it.

What can I say, I was hooked from page numero uno with Dash describing how he got out of spending the holidays with his parents (I can relate, from one holiday loather to another) to finding the red moleskin notebook and the first three clues that began his exciting and at one point disappointing journey that led him to Lily. I especially loved that one of the clues was a book titled the The Joy of Gay Sex...classic!

Dash and Lily were just so dang on adorable! And I can't count how many times I giggled like a 13 year-old girl at a Justin Bieber meet and greet while reading this and the the shenanigans that they got themselves into were epic...

"CRIMSON ALERT!" she yelled into the air "WE ARE UPGRADING FROM MANGO!" Love it.

The other supporting characters were great to, from cousin Mark to the brother Langston to Aunt Basil E. to Boomer, although I couldn't quite imagine a kid that talked in all exclamations!!! At all times! It was just so hard to try to find some type of normalcy in his speech! But he is such a loyal and trustworthy friend and people need friends like Boomer.

I recommend this to those who loved Cath Crowley's [b:Graffiti Moon|7863274|Graffiti Moon|Cath Crowley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320129868s/7863274.jpg|11018320].